Pictured above Harmonica John Frazer, Chet Cannon, and Budd Willis,
Spring Harp Fest co-founders

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About the Spring Harp Fest

Spring Harp Fest 20 Saturday, April 20.2019  11-6:30

There is no admission to our event.   Everyone is invited to pack a frisbee or hula hoop for the kids, water, sunscreen, blanket or beach chair.   Join us for another good old fashioned afternoon in the park.   You can even bring your leased dog and a cooler.   And don't forget your smile :)

This will be our 20th annual benefit show. Over the years we have purchased close to 5,000 harmonicas that have been distributed to the kids in attendance at local Blues In The Schools presentations. With your help, we can continue this effort, and spread the joy of music with harmonicas at even more schools and community organizations. Please consider donating to help us with our goal of supplying harmonicas to  youth music programs. We have also donated thousands of dollars to help put on youth blues camps.

This event remains a first of it's kind for San Diego County where everyone involved; from webmaster, to set-up crew, from sound man, to musicians, MC to clean up crew, and all points in between; volunteers time, talent and expertise, working together to build a better future.

While raising funds to provide harmonicas and other instruments from our proceeds, we hope to also increase the visibility of the harmonica in general, as well as showcase some of the many talented local blues and roots musicians that are available in and around San Diego and Southern California.

Please join us for this most enjoyable and important event in a fun family.   You'll be glad you did.